Dulcinea Tourist Apartments SALES WITH PEÑA AGUILERA, located in a mountain village, perfect for clients who love photography, excursions, or hiking

Tourist Use Homes (VUT) Dulcinea VENTAS CON PEÑA AGUILERA is a building with no neighbors, located in Las Ventas with Peña Aguilera, a mountain village. So mountainous that, from the same apartment, you can hear the howling of the deer during the bellowing season. You can go on excursions at that time to see how the males fight to see who deserves the females, quite a spectacle. Rural area, with beautiful excursions, good food and lots of nature.

The village
Las Ventas con Peña Aguilera, is attractive, with a beautiful and quiet Plaza Mayor (very close to the apartment). Area of ​​fields, mountains, landscapes of berroqueñas stones and nature. Perfect for clients who love photography, excursions, hiking, landscapes and well-preserved nature. It is simply a perfect refuge to recover strength and replenish energy. Area of ​​good food and better wine. Meat and game, homemade recipes and seasonal products will delight lovers of good food in any of the surrounding restaurants.

Tourist Use Homes (VUT) Dulcinea VENTAS CON PEÑA AGUILERA are a set of tourist apartments inside a modern house (from 2012) built with respect for the rustic style of its surroundings. It is endowed with a well decorated and intimate interior patio. From the terraces and balconies you can enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains. The entire building is owned by the same owner, with no tenants. It is entirely dedicated to holiday tourism and offers several independent tourist apartments. One of them on the first floor. The others (all of them duplexes) occupy the second floor and the top floor. Very close to the Plaza Mayor, in an environment of absolute peace and nature. Tranquility, sun and fresh air guaranteed.

María del Mar, her hostess, always has a welcome surprise for her guests. She normally offers (free, as a welcome gift) mineral water, juice, fruit, wine, milk, nuts... She is an affable, discreet and very detailed person. She loves knowing that her guests leave happy with her stay and have enjoyed her hospitality.
For the rest, unless you need it, you will not even notice its presence.

Swimming pool
In the summer season, the excellent municipal swimming pool (with well-maintained facilities and water) opens from 12 to 20. Our guests have free (and free) access to the pool. enjoy it!